You may be familiar with using Apple Carplay or Android Auto in your car, but you probably haven't considered using it on your motorcycle.

Most riders aren't aware it's possible! Turns out it's quite possible, and much more affordable than a motorcycle GPS unit. It also allows you to protect your smartphone from the elements or damage caused by excessive vibration. 

The 5" wireless display from Navistar is available for less than $150 and offers Bluetooth connectivity and integrated sunscreen in an IPX7 rated weatherproof unit. A mic and speaker are built in, though you can also pair your favorite Bluetooth intercom for higher quality audio. A RAM mount-style arm is included for easy mounting to handlebars and such. 

Once installed the Navistar device works just like the display in your car. Pair your smartphone with the device and it displays your map, music, messaging, etc. Once connected to your helmet audio you'll have the familiar Okay Google or Siri command available on the road. And if you're familiar with the Rever app it's compatible- and available on Android and iOS devices.

Weatherproof displays like this are becoming increasingly popular, and many experts believe it won't be long before OEMs start equipping new bikes with them.


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