Freezing rain was forecast for December 9th, and Tulsa ABATE members decided to postpone the Tulsa Toy Run one week due to the weather. But nobody imagined just how bad it might get. The huge ice storm, which we dubbed Oklahoma's Centennial Blackout, crippled much of the state last week. Nearly a quarter million homes were without power in Tulsa alone, as ice weighed down trees and snapped power lines.

But despite the elements and logistical nightmares, hundreds of riders showed up and ABATE's 28th annual toy run really did happen.

Since the planned destination at Expo Square was full of electrical work crews, the route was changed to go downtown where a Fed Ex truck awaited the donations. Tulsa Police had their hands full with looters and snarled traffic so the route was not closed as in years past. Instead the bikes were sent out in groups of a few dozen or so to commingle with traffic along Riverside Drive. But the end result was the same— lots of toys were donated for needy children in the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Ice Storm T-Shirt: Oklahoma Centennial Blackout

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