'Tis the season... to sweat!

It's tempting to leave the safety gear at home in the summer months. But anyone who has seen the aftermath of a slide along the asphalt knows better. Fortunately there are tons of high tech solutions to help you stay cool when the weather heats up. 

Top Selling Hot Weather Gear

Icon Mesh AF CE Jacket (Color: Grey / Size: LG)Mesh jackets like the Icon Mesh AF allow maximum airflow to dissipate heat and perspiration. Full armor means it's no lightweight in the protection department. Available in mens and womens versions.

But when the mercury really soars mesh may not be the answer. When the ambient air temperature is over 100°F the effectiveness of moving air through your gear drops off. This is where cooling vests can help keep your core temperature moderated. Designs vary, but the basic idea is a material soaked with water or filled with ice that dissipates the heat as it evaporates or melts. 

And don't discount the cooling effect of a well ventilated helmet. Allowing airflow around your head will also dissipate a good deal of heat and help reduce the risk of heatstroke. 

Hot weather base layers are also a great way to beat the heat. Technical fabrics wick away sweat and allow air movement close to the skin. It might seem counter-intuitive to put on more clothing in the summer– but it's all about wearing the right clothing.


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