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Helmets Get Groovy

Retro is all the rage- and the latest lids reflect the trend. But don't mistake trendy for trash. 

Helmets like the Nexx X70 Groovy (below) feature a carbon composite shell, Lexan visor, internal sunshield and high-tech buckle hardware to compliment the throwback looks. And at just a tich over $300, this is no novelty helmet.


Nexx X70 Groovy Helmet
The Nexx Groovy

Offroad riders can groove on the retro vibe too. Bell has rolled out a revamp of its first MX helmet. The Bell Moto 3 is a remix of the Seventies classic Bell Moto Star.  The lightweight fiberglass composite shell and modern EPS design provide up to date protection without compromising the retro look. The bold graphics and 5 snap visor stay true to the heritage of the acclaimed Moto series helmets. Whether you ride a scrambler, a standard or a chopper, the classic, dirt-inspired Bell Moto 3 Helmet has been reborn for the next generation of riders. 

Bell Moto-3 Helmet (Color: Yellow / Size: LG)


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