The latest press release from the Motor Company probably had some people wondering if it was dated April 1.

Most new model announcements from H-D typically tout a new color scheme or larger saddle bag offerings. One retro cruiser looks pretty much like the next. But earlier this month Harley-Davidson stunned the motorcycling press by threatening to roll out actual new motorcycles! Tapping markets far beyond the feet-first bagger crowd they threaten to offer a slew of new features. One might even sport a center stand!

For decades we've watched H-D funnel R&D money into their marketing budget (the venerable V-Rod would be one exception). The market share they have been able to command is impressive. Especially considering they're selling the same basic technology today as twenty years ago. It was inevitable those ever-climbing sales numbers would falter.

It's a shame they didn't invest in new markets and technologies when times were good, instead of a desperate attempt to bolster sales numbers. 


Images courtesy Harley-Davidson

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