'Tis the Season for Hitting the Highway
Some of us prefer to ride solo. It's that Zen thing. But many riders would rather share the ride with other motorcyclists. Bikes seem to trigger some sort of group gene– most of us like to ride with others and enjoy the shared experience. Many of us will be heading out on motorcycles this Summer on a group ride. No matter how large the group, there are some things to keep in mind that will help make your ride more fun.

Tips from Rex Tech
For more helpful tips on group riding scroll down and download the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's group riding document.

Check out our recommended reading list for safe riding and offer your suggestions.Gas Up First— fill up before you rendezvous. It might sound pretty obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many times I've heard, "I need to get gas first." I'm guilty too. But it will save everyone frustration and time if you gas up before you go.

Ride Staggered— it might look cool to "fly in formation" but it's best to save the side-by-side stuff for the Veterans Day Parade. Riding two-abreast in a lane isn't just crowding each other, it can hide your buddy outside your peripheral vision where you can't see her in case something happens. But riding in a staggered formation isn't just to provide everyone left-to-right wiggle room. It also offers a larger braking zone because riders tend to bunch up more when riding side-by-side.

Meandor Out/Straight Shot Home— we've all heard those famous last words, "Let's catch it on the way back." How many times have you actually caught it? It almost never happens. When we head out on our adventure we're fired-up, fueled and fresh. After a day/week/month on the road we're usually getting a little saddle-sore and ready to hit the hacienda. The bigger the group, the better the odds of this. So take the scenic route and roam the roads on the departure leg. If you and your group are still up for hitting the sites on the trip back, that's great! If not, nobody feels short-changed.

Communicate— and I don't just mean pack a cell phone (although it's a good idea). Use your turn signals and headlight to signal other riders in your group. Don't assume they know your're turning because the guy in front of you is! Let them know you're awake and signal every turn. And don't forget to "listen" for communication from other riders. Check your mirrors often. To get someone's attention flash your high beam or hazard flashers and hope they read the previous suggestion. Horns are almost worthless if the other rider is in front of you.

For more group riding safety tips review the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Group Ride Tips.

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