Last month founder and CEO, Bob Parsons, had quite a scare while riding his Ducati Monster on a Phoenix expressway. He describes the experience on his blog, Hot Points.

"I was on my way to get a haircut when — WHAM! — in a split second — it happened!"

Doesn't it always?

Parsons locked the front brake in a panic when he realized the "brake light free" junker in front of him was stopping. He credits his riding gear (detailed thoroughly on the blog) with saving him from serious harm.

Parsons is an avid motorcyclist and purveyor of fine machines and long-legged women. The same blog includes a video of his speed record attempt on a BMW K1200R at Bonneville. He has kept the company's image on the edgy side even though the marketing guys tell him not to. It's refreshing to find someone that isn't scared of stirring a little controversy at the corporate helm. Of course, his success can also be attributed to the fact is a competent company and offers a comprehensive toolbox for anything related to domain names. They've even rolled out a new blog tool called Quick Podcast that promises to make podcasting easy.

I don't agree with everything the guy does. But so long as he continues to ignore the consultants telling him he shouldn't be riding motorcycles, I'll be a fan.

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