Energica is the latest exotic from Italy, and was one of the most intriguing exhibits at EICMA. Building high-end, ultra high performance supersport motorcycles is their goal. But there's a twist.


The Energica Eva is powered by a 70 kilowatt oil-cooled electric motor.

With 160 horsepower ready to deploy instantly the naked Eva could be the world's most potent streetfighter. The fully faired Ego shares the same mechanicals— along with built-in GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.

Located in Modena, Italy, the mecca of exotic machinery, Energica's mission statement is simple: build the world's best all-electric racing motorcycles.

And they have the moxie to back that up. As a subsidiary of CRP Group, there is a wealth of technology behind every component of the Eva. CRP has been developing and building technology for motorsports since 1970. Their portfolio includes CNC to 3-D printing to rapid prototyping for some of the biggest names in racing all over the world.

So when can you ride one? Currently there are Energica dealers in seven countries, including the US. Learn more at www.energicasperbike.com


Images coiurtesy of Energica.

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