The future is now! Or so it seems.

The XTURISMO is a flying motorcycle that claims to be moving from science fiction to reality. Exhibition displays at the Detroit Auto Show and GITEX earlier this year have generated a great deal of interest. 

For a cool half million US$ you can own one of these. Though the order form is surprisingly vague on details, especially considering the price tag. While delivery dates are unknown the specs are a bit less opaque. Power is provided by an internal combustion engine (ICE) plus battery-powered electric. Two large props levitate the vehicle, while four smaller blades provide guidance control. The "hoverbike" measures 12 feet long and just under 8 feet wide, with a weight of 670 pounds. Max speed is about 60 mph, which is probably pretty impressive when airborne. A range of less than 25 miles seems paltry, though it's hard to say, having no other flying motorcycle for comparison.

Synchronizing the powertrain with six propellers and gyroscopic control uses a multitude of processors. So like any prototype worth its CAD file the XTURISMO is bristling with technology. Just as other bleeding edge vehicles, like the Davinci DC100, it dispenses with the usual dashboard in favor of your smartphone. The 3D tech that keeps this hoverbike upright is based on air mobility technology developed by A.L.I. Technologies Inc. from Japan. 

This futuristic ride's development, marketing and ordering (?) is being undertaken by AERWINS Technologies

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