Remember when Airbnb first started?

Ordinary people with an extra room made them available to travelers for a modest price. This was long before anyone had dreamed up "cleaning fees" or renting yurts on a mountain top. Speaking of yurts...

There are motorcycle campgrounds sprinkled throughout the US. But sometimes you might just need a simple stopover. A backyard campsite. In the interest of motorcycling camaraderie the folks at ADVrider put together a directory of their forum users (called Inmates) willing to let a fellow biker camp on their property. They call the directory Tent Space.

According to ADVrider...

What is Tent Space?
Tent Space is a list of ADVrider forum inmates who offer free accommodations at some level to other riders who are traveling through their area. Most often, this is simply a camping spot in a backyard, but sometimes it’s an air mattress in a corner of the office, or even a whole guest suite, or drinks and food! It depends on the inmate; this is a completely informal, honor-system arrangement, so there is no real rule of what to expect.

The concept is rooted in the very zeitgeist of the ADVrider forums. Meeting new people, exploring the world, sharing the experience. Sites are listed throughout the world, and most are offered for free. Zoom in and scout your next stopover.

ADVrider's Tent Space


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