Today the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) began efforts to quell a proposed 100% tariff on European motorcycles.

The proposal comes from the Office of United States Trade Representative, and is the result of a long-standing squabble over aircraft subsidies. If the tariff were to go into effect it would essentially double the price of 500-700cc motorcycles from the European Union. Additionally, it would apply to any parts or accessories from the EU, regardless of motorcycle engine size.

The American Motorcyclist Association is joining others in the motorcycling community to oppose the USTR’s latest ill-conceived proposal. Motorcyclists should not be penalized with exorbitant tariffs because of an unrelated trade dispute. Any trade sanctions imposed as a result of this dispute should come from more closely related industries or products.

Manufacturers like BMW, Ducati and Moto Guzzi would be the first to feel the sting of such a tariff. But it could also affect Triumph, depending on timing and the ongoing trainwreck that is Brexit. In times of war the casualties often extend far beyond the battlefield. It appears a trade war is no different. 

An online petition has been created to garner support for stopping the proposal.

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