Ever wished you could repair a ding or sent in your motorcycle yourself?

You're not alone. Even the simplest repair at a professional body shop will set you back hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. And complicating matters is the fact many shops today will only accept insurance work. But there is another way!

Paintless dent repair is nothing new. What's new is the availability of affordable, easy to use tools that can realistically repair damaged bodywork. 

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The tool's operation is simple. Using special adhesives to temporarily bond a purple pulling tool to the blemished area, the lifter hooks to the puller and is ratcheted up until the dented area is restored. Once repaired the adhesive is heated and removed along with the purple puller. The lifter's base is padded with silicone so it doesn't scuff the surrounding surface.

Tools like the Dent Lifter make it possible for anyone to repair small sheet metal blemishes in their driveway.

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