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Event Starts: 4/27/2013
Location: Jacksonville, FL
MotoProducts is sponsoring Allen MotorSport's dyno day!

Saturday, April 27th from 10am-3pm.

Free to spectators and includes free parking. We will be charging $25.00 for each dyno run. The dyno measures horsepower and you'll have "braggin' rights" based on your motorcycle finishing #1 in your class! The bikes that record the most hp in each class will receive prizes. Our Dynojet can accommodate both Sportbikes and Cruisers. We'll arrange for a food vendor, a motorcycle/bike wash, slow speed drags, a DJ and a stunt show by Joel Hickman, MotoBatt's stunt rider...he is awesome!

If you're interested in getting your bike Dyno'd please call Diana to secure a spot. When you call ahead, you automatically "win" a free bike wash (to be scheduled at a later date). There will be other motorcycle related vendors in attendance as well. We'll be updating the details of the event on FB as well as our website.

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