The Davinci DC100 is pitched by its maker as a robot on two wheels. The high-performance electric motorcycle sports over 1,000 chips and more than 200 sensors to help riders monitor the bike and their surroundings.

The DC100 uses all these sensors and chips to control the power output as well as lean angle. For example, select Ride Assist and the bike slowly eases up to 4 mph, thus enabling a safe start.

Founded in 2013, Davinci Motor is a technology innovative company committed to exploring the research and development of robotic vehicles.

There are also sensors for the inclination angle which automatically activate the Hill Start Assist, which applies high torque at low speed, or Hill Descent Control, to optimize both balance and energy recovery. Oh.. and it can also self-balance!

Another unusual feature is the dash (or rather the lack of). The Davinci engineers have integrated the entire bike with their app. So your smartphone mounts in the space where an ordinary instrument cluster would be. Your phone essentially is the dash. 

Styling is decidedly spare and minimalist. The bodywork covering the powertrain and electronics follow the rectalinear "folded paper" school of design. Seating and controls are fully sport-oriented with no apparent pillion accommodations. Suffice to say the looks are modern but most likely a love-it-or-hate-it offering. 

If that all sounds right up your alley you can reserve one now at




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