The R1150R in front of the Talimena Drive signBrad and I made a run down to the Talimena Drive last week. We headed down with cameras and gear to start collecting some video to eventually find it's way on to Watch for new videos to start popping up.

We unknowingly picked a great weekend to go— cooler weather and less traffic. In a week or so the leaves will start turning and the twisties will be crowded with Land Yachts full of gawkers. The lack of traffic was almost spooky– it was almost like we had the place to ourselves!

Cushmans gather before a ride around the San Bois MountainsWe took a meandering route south of Tulsa on US-64 and eventually to Oklahoma state highway OK-2. When we passed through Kinta, near the Sansbois Mountains, we noticed a slew of scooters milling around the VFW hall. Turned out the Oklahoma Cushman Club was having a big get-together. We stopped to ogle scooters of all varieties and enjoy the puka-puka of little flatheads.

I was surprised how many different models and engine variations Cushman had offered. They weren't just there for show either– these folks were riding them! Just as we arrived a large group was heading out to make a loop around Kinta to Wilburton and back. It was pretty cool seeing all these scooters on the highway.

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