That's probably one of the best survival techniques.

Open-air, lonely road, middle of fucking nowhere. Hopefully we all survive until warm weather and riding season arrive.

Amid all the hysteria and confusion it's been a crazy couple of months. Parsing fact from fiction from fallacy has been hard–like most things in America these days.

But it's become pretty apparent that this is big deal. And while the White House dishes up excuses and deflection it's pretty obvious they did not help the situation one bit. If you're still wondering what all the fuss is about have a listen to this interview with Michael Osterholm. He explains to Joe Rogan just why this is such a mess.

And why it won't be over in April.

So gear up and get out and ride. Just be aware of the hazards that await. Only time will tell how this will affect upcoming rally events and campouts. 

Wash your hands. Pay attention to what you touch. Pay at the pump! Here are some helpful resources to monitor the situation... 

Latest Updates from the World Health Organization

COVID-19 Prevention

Information for Travelers

Masks are almost worthless protection.








Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

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