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Coming to America: Honda CB500X

Here's another entry for the Totaly Practical So It Will Never Sell in America department:

Honda CB500X

This parallel twin adventure bike features a bulletproof engine, excellent ergonomics and a prebuilt fan club from Europe. Problem? It's so practical that US buyers will turn up their collective feet-first noses.

And that's too bad. It may be the last CB500 version to land in America, following the CB500F and CB500R sportbike, but it's probably the best of the three. At least it's just as comfortable as the F, while handling nearly as good as the R. It only coughs up 47 horsepower, but it does it so effectively we didn't notice.

There are already tons of accessories dialed in for this versatile Honda, it's based on a very competent engine/chassis and it's affordable. In fact Giant Loop recently announced they would handle the full line of Rally Raid products from the UK. Ooops... but there I go again. Eschewing practicality in the Land of the Harley.

Oh well, we can hope.


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