Well, maybe not fun.

Most insurance companies don't "get" motorcycles. After all, insurance is all about odds. And if you're strictly playing by the odds, you probably don't ride.

Sexy agents ride retro Kawis at AllstateLately I've noticed several large insurers chasing the two-wheeled market segment. To entice riders to their coverage these huge corporations try to look small, carefree and friendly. Allstate has print ads featuring their agents on their bikes. This image suggests they all go riding between writing up policies. Progressive has played word games to suggest their agents know the jargon. GEICO hasn't really played up the motorcycle thing in any special way.

Unless you've been living in a cave you have probably heard of GEICO. Hmm... maybe that caveman reference is a bad example. They promise they can save most anyone 15% or more on their car insurance. But lately they have also been pushing the fact they offer coverage for motorcyclists.

A visit to their website will show you where GEICO has focused their efforts to reach out to bikers. It's not clever slogans or stern looks from tattooed accountants. It's by providing useful information. Whoa... imagine!

That might sound boring as hell, but I commend them. For example, at GEICO.com you can plan group rides or share yours with others through their MyGreatRides.com. It's sort of a MySpace for motorcyclists. You'll also find informative links on gear, safe riding tips and courses offered through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Plus, you may be eligible for discounts that can significantly lower your premiums. GEICO offers discounts for experienced riders. Here are some of the discounts you may be entitled to:

  • 10% discount when you transfer your motorcycle insurance to GEICO
  • 10% discount if you insure more than one motorcycle
  • 10% discount for mature riders
  • 10% discount when you renew your motorcycle insurance with GEICO
  • 10% discount for completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Military Safety Course
  • 20% discount if you are a current Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor
  • 5% discount on your motorcycle policy if you also insure your car with GEICO

In addition to these great discounts, GEICO also offers a Sunny Day Lay-Up Program. This program offers a winter lay-up credit in some areas, but still covers you for occasional winter rides.

Gee, sounds like someone at the GEICO office rides a bike?

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