Does anyone even remember the name Cagiva?

While the company began in 1978, few had heard of Cagiva before they bought Ducati in 1985. The dual sport Cagiva Elefant enjoys a cult following and is probably the most recognized example of this marque. But as Justin Hughes writes recently on RideApart, the V593 was an explosive motorbike that deserves to be in a museum.

The 1993 Cagiva V593 Had One Horsepower Per Pound

Image courtesy of RideApart

In the 1990s, Cagiva was David to the Japanese Goliaths of Grand Prix racing. Sure, they got some help from Yamaha in the 1980s, but by now the small Italian company was truly on their own, trying to compete with the big boys. What Cagiva didn't have in size they made up for in passion and built a bike that could have won the 1995 championship if they hadn't run out of money. That bike is this V593, currently up for auction.

Source: The 1993 Cagiva V593 Had One Horsepower Per Pound

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