As the year-that-shall-not-be-named comes to an end we reflect back on the good, the bad and the ugly. But in a year like no other it makes sense to expand the scope a little. 

That's what Phil West at Visordown did recently.

For every brilliant motorcycling idea – fairings, disc brakes – there has inevitably been some diabolical ones (roofed bikes, inboard discs), too. It only stands to reason; it’s the ‘ying and yang’ of life, after all…

But with Harley-Davidson about to launch its very first adventure bike, the Pan America, a machine built on the cumulative knowledge and experience of, at best, the Buell Ulysees, it got us wondering: Just what have been the worst ideas in motorcycling – ever?

He goes on to lament features like single-sided swingarms and feet-first ergonomics. Some I disagree with— but most are spot on.

You'll find the full list on Visordown: 

If it ain’t broke… : The Top 10 worst ideas in motorcycling

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