BMW has announced the most extensive update for the S1000RR since its introduction in 2009. New specs include more power, updated frame, advanced electronics and (wait for it)... winglets!

The new design looks aggressive and ready to hit the track right out of the box.

"With a more powerful engine, advanced suspension and chassis, the new Brake Slide Assist and DTC Slide Control assistance systems as well as optimized aerodynamics with winglets and a redesigned rear end, we were able to raise the RR's performance to a new level." — Wolfgang Wallner, S1000RR Project Manager

Highlights of the new 2023 BMW S 1000 RR include:

• Increased output and torque: 210 hp at 13,750 rpm and 83 ft/lbs at 11,000 rpm.

• Shorter secondary gear ratio for more traction at the rear wheel.

• Advanced "Flex Frame" with more flex.

•  Chassis geometry with new values for steering head angle, offset, caster and wheelbase.

• M Chassis Kit as standard with adjustable swinging arm pivot point and raised rear end.

• Dynamic Traction Control DTC with new Slide Control function for drifts while accelerating using steering angle sensor.

• ABS Pro with new Brake Slide Assist function using steering angle sensor for braking drifts when approaching corners.

• ABS Pro Setting “Slick”

• Optimized aerodynamics with new front section, winglets, high windshield and partitioning of the lower triple clamp.

• M lightweight battery as standard.

• USB charging port in the rear section.

• Redesigned rear section and shorter number plate holder.

• Optimized wiring harness for removing the number plate holder.

•  Clutch and generator cover in black.

• Easier rear wheel assembly due to loss-proof axle bushings and chamfered brake pads and brake anchor plate.

• M GPS Mouse Adapter as part of the  BMW Motorrad original accessory range.

• New GoPro holder as part of the BMW Motorrad original accessory range.

No details yet on U.S. delivery dates or pricing. Stay tuned!



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