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Bikes on eBay: Futuristic 3-Wheeler

The unusual, the noteworthy, the bizarre: motorcycle stuff we found on eBay

This week's pick might be considered a little too utilitarian for some tastes. But it's the holidays so something lighthearted seemed appropriate. Surprisingly we all agreed the GO-4 was just unique enough to earn our coveted award.

Futuristic Trike by GO-4When I asked the staff why they picked the tiny trike they offered reasons like...
Perfect toy run vehicle.
I want to drive it on my private island.
It looks like something from that TV show, Space 1999.
It reminds me of those Cushmans the mailman used to drive around in.
It's called a Go 4, yet it only has 3 wheels.

Seriously, whatever the reason- this little beauty is up for auction! It's located in Fort Worth, Texas- where they must take their parking enforcement very seriously.

The Go-4 is built in Canada and powered by a 1 liter Hyundai engine. Inside you'll find a plush seat (but only one) and an extremely optimistic 120 mph speedometer. It shows 18k miles on the clock, but doesn't mention if they're highway miles. Ahem.

2002 Go-4 Parking Enforcement Vehicle

Happy Holidays.

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