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Bikes on eBay: A Flying Italian

The unusual, the noteworthy, the bizarre: motorcycle stuff we found on eBay

This week we discovered an Italian flying saucer grounded in Austin, Texas.

The red MV Agusta is a 175 CSS, more commonly known as the "disco volante," or flying saucer. That unique fuel tank certainly stands out in a crowd.

1955 MV Agusta 175CSSAccording to the book, Moto MV Agusta, the company was originally a subsidiary of the Italian aircraft manufacturer Agusta. They began building bikes after World War Two and, curiously enough, named their first two-wheeler the "Vespa 98." After learning that Piaggio (another aviation company turned motorbike factory) had already used the name, MV shortened it to "98." Thus the Italian word for wasp would eventually become synonymous for scooter.

1955 MV Agusta Disco Volante

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