Here's a cult bike with a unique pedigree. 

2001 Ducati ST4S Senna

The late Ayrton Senna was known to be a devoted motorcyclist. His love of Italian bikes was so renowned Ducati proposed a collaboration. In 1995 this gave us the iconic Ducati 916 Senna Edition, of which only 300 examples were produced. Proceeds from the sale of these desirable motorcycles benefited the Senna Foundation. It was so successful that subsequent models were introduced– like this ST4S.

Ducati ST4S

There was a time when the term Sport Touring referred to motorcycles that looked more like sportbikes than props from a Mad Max sequel. In this age before adventure touring we rode bikes like the Triumph ST, Honda VFR or the venerable Ducati ST. Back in the Nineties the concept of using the words "touring" and "Ducati" in the same sentence seemed ludicrous. But by 2007, when the range was discontinued in favor of the Multistrada, the ST series had a loyal and stubborn following of appreciative riders. Many Ducati fans still lament the end of ST production, comparing the market's love of GS-style motorcycles to the coinciding SUV craze.

The standard ST4 was powered by a 916cc L-twin (the 4 referencing the number of valves per cylinder). The S suffix added Ohlins suspension and a 996 motor providing 117 horsepower @ 8750 RPM. Ironically, more juice than the donor Superbike due to a less convoluted exhaust on the ST. The Senna edition added special paint scheme, a Monoposto seat cover and the requisite carbon fiber bits.

This example is located in Oak Park, California and listed with an opening bid of $3500. Auction ends June 26, 2021.


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