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Bike Dolly Saves Space

Last month we told you about some great motorcyclke dolly designs. Making the most of your storage space is the goal– and this is another nifty rolling stand. 

BikeMaster Motorcycle Dolly Black - TLMD-A

Bikemaster's clever dolly design is suitable for motorcycles not equipped with a center stand. They also claim it is much more stable than similar fulkl-length dollies, plus it takes up far less room when not in use. It allows you to fit your bike into the tightest of spaces. 

Equipped with high quality bearings to make moving the dolly practically effortless. The base is made from heavy-duty, lasercut 5/16" steel plate for superior strength and a capacity of 1100 pounds. Beautiful steel diamond plate keeps the side stand rails looking great.

The solution for parking in your crowded garage is finally here! Learn more at 


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