We find the Gear Guides from Revzilla to be very helpful resources. Especially when navigating the murky and confusing world of motorcycle tires. Whoever said tires are a Black Art wasn't kidding. Well, actually he probably was...

Once again topping the list for sporty street riding is the venerable Michelin Road 5. High praise for the all-around performance and longevity have made the Road series rubber a perennial favorite. 

Michelin Road 5 Tires

Their list includes the best budget-priced sporty/street tire, cruiser, touring/commuter, sport/street, full on sport tire, and various off-road favorites as well. Revzilla tabulates their staff's personal picks with the accumulated reviews of customers to determine these best-of-the-best. Let us know if you agree with their choices- and what your favorites are.

Read the full results and find current pricing for your particular size here:

Revzilla's 2022 Tire Guide


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