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2 Ohio River Crossings

Where: Frankfort, Ky. KY USA

Road/Route: In & Ky HWY. 421 & 127

Size/Distance: 250 miles

Originally posted 8/7/2002 9:59:25 PM by Jerry Earl

Hwy 7 south from North Vernon,In to Madison, In.Get on 421 south all the way to Frankfort,Ky. .Take Hwy. 127 north to the river, go down river and cross at Markland dam,go south on Hwy 62 to Vevay, take Hwy 129 to versailes and Hwy 50 back to North Vernon.Good road conditions,all levels of roads and some cool old towns.

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Where: Indian Lake NY USA

Road/Route: Rts 9N -28-30,-8-73

Size/Distance: 150

Originally posted 7/6/2004 by Sandy

Take 87 Northway and cut west at Warrensburg (north of Lake George-Americade), or State 90 ext.27 and head north. You'll see signs for Sacandaga Lake, North Creek, Lake Placid.

You'll enjoy vistas of the Adirondack High Peaks and Lakes. Venture off onto more local mountain or lake roads and you'll do twistys with barely any other traffic.

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Alachua County

Where: Gainesville FL USA

Road/Route: NE Alachua County

Size/Distance: 50 miles

Originally posted 5/19/2008 by James

Fill up at the gas station at NE 53rd Av and NE SR 24 (Waldo Rd). From there head north on CR 225 (2-4 lanes). 225 is a very well-maintained road and is dead straight for several miles.

You will pass the Gainesville Raceway to your right, home of the NHRA Gatornationals. Continue on 225 as it curves around to the east. There are several sweeping turns here where you can really get on it (especially you sportbike riders). When you reach CR 1475 (2 lanes)take a right and head south. This road isn't the best surface but it is safe. It curves into the small town of Waldo, where you will continue straight across SR 24 (4 lanes, passing the Shell station on your right) until you hit US 301 (4 lanes, well-paved). Take a right headed south of 301 for a couple miles until you see a sign for 1469/1471. Take a left there and continue straight (the right fork) on 1469. Follow 1469 (2 lanes, well-paved) through Ellenton until you hit SR 26 (2 lanes). Continue past SR 26 south on 1469. This section of road is pretty decent with a mix of curves and straight-aways. When you hit CR 219A (2 lanes, well-paved), take a right and follow that to CR 1474. Take a right headed west on 1474 (2 lanes, not the best surface) and follow that back to US 301. Continue on 1474 past 301 towards Windsor.

When you hit CR 234 (2 lanes, not the best surface) you have two options. You can take a right headed north, coming to SR 26. Take a left headed west on SR 26 until you get to the SR 26/SR 222 split. Continue straight on 222 (2 lanes, well paved) and that winds into Gainesville. When you reach the stop light, you can continue straight into Gainesville or just head north on NE Waldo Rd and you will arrive at your starting point on the left. The other option coming into Windsor at CR 234 is to take a left there headed south. That will bring you out on SR 20 (4 lanes). Take a right headed west on 20. This road is very wide and well-paved. It is mostly straight. Follow SR 20 several miles until you curve to the right. You will see Earl Powers Park on the right. You can rest there in the parking lot overlooking the lake if you want. Continue on 20 past the park until you see 329B (2 lanes, not the best surface, aka Lakeshore Dr) on your right. Take this north. This road winds around the edge of the lake and is quite scenic. It is not the longest stretch of road but it is worth riding Watch out for the 90 degree turn in the middle (there are signs for it). It usually has some loose sand on it. When you reach the end of 329B you will hit SR 26.

From there you have two options. You can turn left headed west into Gainesville, or if you want to extend your ride a little you can turn right headed NE. If you take the right, you will wind around and come to a flashing signal in a couple miles. Take a left here and take that road to SR 222. Then take the left westbound into Gainesville.

Take this ride near sunset, I'd say starting 45-60 minutes prior. It is pretty, there is little traffic and nobody should bother you. This route is safe and recommended for all skill levels. This ride varies in time depending on how you ride. It can probably be completed in 45-60 minutes. I tolerated it on a sportbike no problem, with a passenger.

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America's Byways of Texas

Where:  TX USA

Road/Route: statewide

Originally posted 2/23/2004 1:47:31 PM by webmaster

Ten scenic rides around the state of Texas are listed on this site.

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Arkansas Highway 123

Where: Mt. Judea AR USA

Road/Route: AR-123

Size/Distance: 70

Originally posted 4/22/2013 by Webmaster

AR-123 is a state highway running from Clarksville to US-65 near Western Grove, AR. But the best part of this road is the twisty stretch through the Ozark National Forest.

South of Mt. Judea the road winds its way over the mountain making numerous switchbacks. The view is tremendous and the traffic is usually light. In fact, signs warn trucks to avoid the route!

Close to scenic highway 7 and numerous other twisties this road is definitely a must-see.

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Arkansas Highway 16

Where: Clinton to Mt. View AR USA

Road/Route: Highway 16

Size/Distance: 70

Originally posted 8/17/2003 by

Highway 16 out of Clinton, Arkansas to Mountain View is a great ride.

Good road, light traffic, great scenery. Mountain View seems to be a great biker friendly little town.

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Arkansas Highway 71

Where: Fayetteville AR USA

Road/Route: Highway 71

Size/Distance: 45 miles

Originally posted 8/18/2003 by

From Fayetteville to Alma a great ride with great curves and overlooks of the scenic Boston

Light traffic most days.

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Arkansas Roadside Travelogue

Where:  AR USA

Originally posted 1/12/2004 12:23:55 PM by webmaster

Info on lots of colorful roadside attractions.

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Arkansas State Parks

Where:  AR USA

Originally posted 12/22/2003 12:20:59 PM by webmaster

Listing of state parks throughout the state of Arkansas.

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Aspen Gold Fall Tour

Where: Denver CO USA

Originally posted 11/9/2006 by Lynn Matthews

Imagine a mountainside ablaze with golden aspens. This 5-day motorcycle tour seeks out the best views of Colorado's famed fall color. But this is not just about looking at the golden fall color; along the way, experience high mountain passes, scenic byways, towns steeped in western history and fantastic motorcycle roads.

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