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Outdated Information
This information on off-road areas in and around Oklahoma is out of date. We started this motorcycling directory back in 1998 and stopped updating this section in 2001. We keep this around just for old times sake.

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Oklahoma Off Road

There are some great places to ride off-road in the Sooner state. In the west you'll find terrain dominated by sand and red clay. The eastern third of the state is more forested. And the mud is mostly brown. Last updated September 2000.


Appalachia Bay ORV Area
Located west of Tulsa on Keystone Lake, this 600 acre area is maintained by the Corps of Engineers. Many of the locals refer to this area as Motorcycle Island. A few years ago the Corps built a high roadbed leading to the area so it's really just Motorcycle Peninsula nowadays. However, if the water level rises above 735 ft. it's an island again.
The terrain is sandy and ranges from open beaches to wooded trails. Moderate elevation changes keep the wooded areas interesting and a large circuit of sandy trails meander through briars taller then an elephant's eye.
White Water Park is another riding area on Keystone, it is located right next to the dam. It is only about 80 acres, mostly sand and closed while bald eagles visit the area.
For more information contact the Keystone Project Office at Rt. 1 Box 100, Sand Springs, OK 74063 (918) 865-2621


Ascot Park
Donelson's Ascot Park is a motocross track on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border near I-40. Considered by many to be an "easy cross" style track they feature races on most Saturday nights with pro classes, vintage, contingencies and door prizes. From I-40 take exit no. 330 and turn south, the track is about three miles down on the east side of the road.
Call (918) 875-9161 for more.


Beaver State Park ORV Area
Located in the Oklahoma panhandle this area offers 360 acres of sand dune trails for motorcycles, dune buggies, ATVs and 4x4s. Operated by the Corps of Engineers the trail is open daily from 7am to 10pm and all vehicles must have 10 ft. whips with flags attached. Contact Beaver State Park at P.O.Box 1190, Beaver, OK 73932 (405) 625-3373


Broken Bow
Located in southeastern Oklahoma this is mostly open timber land that is owned by the Weyerhauser Co. There are hundreds of miles of connecting roads that range from pig trails to hard packed gravel, between these are all types of trails. Terrain ranges from mountains to muddy bottoms. From Broken Bow take Highway 259 north.
For the latest information on access and maps of this area contact the Weyerhauser Company at (580) 981-2211 or (580) 835-2336.

More of this area in Le Flore, Pushmataha, and Mc Curtain counties have been opened recently... more info as we get it! - Ed.


Cooperland Raceway
Guy Cooper is famous in off-road racing circles (of course you probably already know that if you're reading this). His 160 acre ranch outside of Stillwater offers regularly scheduled races on the motocross track as well cross country events that weave through the woods. The terrain is red clay and sandy loam with plenty of elevation changes and man-made jumps. A new pee-wee track compliments the national-style track.
Races are scheduled throughout the year and the track is open for practice on other weekends. For directions and schedule call (405) 743-8545 or visit


Draper Lake ORV Area
Lake Stanley Draper is located just southeast of Oklahoma City. The off-road vehicle area is on the north side of the lake just off I-240, the unloading area is just a mile from the marina on the northwest side. Over 85 miles of trails snake through the woods and around the lake. Terrain is that lovely Oklahoma red dirt with a bit of sand.
Just a mile up the road from the unloading area is a concession, marina and information center. The concession is a fully stocked store which also serves a full menu of breakfast, burgers and cold drinks.
For more info contact the Ranger Station at Lake Stanley Draper, SE 104th and Stanley Draper Drive (405) 794-5010 or the Okie Dirt Riders.


Duncan MX Park
This facility just east of Lawton (about 80 miles south of OKC) is now offering 3 tracks. The MX track features step-ups, triples and long straights over sand and hard-packed clay. There is also a pee wee track and a wooded loop over a mile long.
Call for (580) 255-5059 for more information.

Elk City Raceway
Located just off Merritt Road near Elk City in western Oklahoma. The track is described as a 3/4 mile Supercross-style of sand and loam. The track has been in operation for 12 years.
Call for (405) 243-1723 for details and hours.


Field of Dreams
This track is near Okmulgee and hosts races on weekends throughout the season. West from Okmulgee on OK-56 about 14 miles near Nuyaka. Call (918) 758-0793 for the latest.


Gruber Recreation Area
Located between Muskogee and Braggs on the west side of OK Highway 10, this 450 acre ORV area is operated by the Gruber Recreation Trust Authority. The terrain ranges from rocky along the south half to good ol' Oklahoma dirt to the north. Enduros, trials and hare scrambles are held at Gruber and the facility is open year round. The facility also welcomes mountain bikers, rock climbers, hikers as well as equestrian types. Helmets are required for ORV riders and firearms are not allowed.
If you're making a weekend of it, the nearby Greenleaf State Park offers reasonable and picturesque accommodations in their rustic lakeside cabins. Greenleaf is just a short drive further south on OK 10 and is a great place to relax after a ride. If you're lucky you can hear artillery practice at the Camp Gruber army base across the road!
For more information contact one of the following GRTA officers: Michael Ward 501/649-5317, Jon Stoodley 918/683-2372, Mark Thomas 918/686-4332 or Doug Griffith 918/274-9511.



Hickory Ridge
Located outside Muskogee near Warner. They have stands and a 32 gate starting grid. Contact   or (918) 680-0879 for information and dates. 

JRP Motorcross
This track opened September 2000 on the grounds of the Junior Indy Racing complex in West Tulsa, 5920 W. 51st Street. The 3/4 mile easy-cross track is open to bikes and four-wheelers on Sundays and races are being planned. Call (918) 446-7000 for details.


Kaw Lake ORV Area
Kaw Lake is a Corps of Engineers project near Ponca City. The off-road vehicle area is located just across OK-11 from the Sarge Creek Cove Recreation area. Terrain is heavily wooded with sandy soil. The riding area is not terribly huge but offers some great trail riding for motorcycles and ATVs.
Contact the Kaw Lake Project office at Rt. 2 Box 500, Ponca City, OK 74601 (405) 762-5611


Lake Murray Motorcycle Area
Picturesque Lake Murray is near Ardmore in southern Oklahoma. The Pear Orchard Motorcycle Use Area, on the northwest side of the lake, was developed by the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department for motorcycles and ATVs. About ten miles of marked trails cross grassland, forest and rolling hills. The Tucker Tower Museum and Nature Center is also worth a visit.
For further information contact Lake Murray State Park, P.O.Box 1649, Ardmore, OK 73401 (405) 223-4044


Lawton MX Park
The story goes that Alvin Kephart, a longtime motorcycle enthusiast, built the track at Lawton 20 years ago. The track is a one mile Supercross/MX mixture of intermediate to tacky dirt. Races are held once a month from January to April and from September to November.
Call for (405) 355-8808 for more info.


Little River MX
Located north of Idabel and features a 30 gate concrete start with grandstands and concessions. Call (580) 584-3940 for more information.

Little Sahara State Park
Sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Located in western Oklahoma, Little Sahara is the mecca of the dune buggy crowd in this area. If you're looking for the twisties this is definitely not the place. 1800 acres of rugged sand dunes up to 75 feet tall for your off-road enjoyment. Open to 4x4s, motorcycles and ATVs with the ubiquitous 10 ft. whip. Open year round, check out the nearby Alabaster Caverns while you're there- no bikes allowed, but it's well worth a visit.
For more details contact Little Sahara State Park at Rt. 2 Box 147, Waynoka, OK 73860 (405) 824-1471

Motorcycle Raceway
Here's a place to race, as the name suggests. This motocross track is in Oklahoma City at SE 59th & Douglas. Lots of doubles, step-ups and a tabletop finish, the track has a 24 gate starting grid. Races on Tuesday and Saturday nights from April through September. Robbie Reynard is a frequent flyer here.
Call (405) 751-6616 or check their website for the latest info.


Ponca City Raceway
This 1 mile track is located near the airport just northwest of Ponca City. The facility was opened by the city about 30 years ago as a recreational area and now hosts NMA races. An excellent facility, the track offers plenty of great places to watch as well as a fun track to ride. The mix of loam and hard packed dirt features Supercross obstacles and a 40 gate concrete launch pad.
Open on weekends for fun and practice call (580) 762-3635 or (580) 762-5502 for race dates and information.



Port City Raceway
For the Turn-Left-Like-God-Intended crowd we offer you the Port City Raceway. Quads, motorcycles and midgets circle this oval almost every Saturday night. The 80cc bike class is especially a hoot!
Call (918) 835-6596 or (918) 371-3222 for details.


Quartz Mountain MX Park & ORV Area
This area is on the north shore of Lake Altus-Lugert, near Lone Wolf in southwestern Oklahoma. The motocross track is located 1/2 mile north of the main entrance. The 50 acre ORV riding area is characterized by shifting sand dunes and typical lake shoreline. Closed during the winter months, this area is popular with the four wheeler crowd. Contact Quartz Mountain State Park Rt. 1 Box 40, Lone Wolf, OK 73655 or call (580) 477-2690 for more information.

Scipio Off Road Riding Park
The TTR organization has been working to obtain 1700 acres about 25 miles northeast of McAlester. The plan is in the final stages and events have finally been held at the new area. Plenty of rocks, sandy loam and thick woods will make this a great riding spot.
For more information visit

Sooner State MX
Located near Wellston on Highway 177. The launch pad offers 48 gates and camping is available. Call (405) 392-5022 or check their website for the latest schedule.

Stillwater Cycle Park
This excellent facility has been operated by the Stillwater City Parks Department since the mid `70s. With over 500 acres of available riding area it offers a little something for everyone. Terrain is mostly red clay (which is slippery as hell when it's raining!) and plain dirt. The enduro trails are well marked and traverse wooded sections that range from open to very tight. The motocross track is sane yet challenging. Plenty of elevation changes along the numerous creeks and runoffs keep the ride interesting.
The facility is open year round, sunrise to sunset and requires an annual permit. Permits can be purchased (even on weekends) at Coopers Bicycles at 220 S. Main St. in Stillwater. The park is located west of Stillwater about 4 miles, south of Highway 51 about 5 miles.
For more details call the City of Stillwater at (405) 747-8070 or visit the Stillwater Trail Riders web site.

Sunset Motocross
Lots of forgiving jumps and good loam dirt, 16 gate start. Sunday practice year around and races on Friday nights from April through September. Friendly people so call (918) 989-5439 or e-mail for more.

TSD Motocross Park
This track is located just southwest of Bartlesville. They plan to offer memberships and discounts in the near future. Check their web site for current hours and fees.

Woodland Hills Off Road Park
This area has hosted a couple of OCCRA events and also features motocross races. Sometimes referred to as Anadarko MX or Wide Open Race Park. Located about 3 miles north of US-62 between Anadarko and Chickasha. For more information contact Sean Mills at (405) 830-7007 or see

Xtremeworld MX
This Tulsa track is back in operation after a false start in 1999. An 18 slot starting gate launches in to a technical track with whoops, tabletops and technical turns. The local terrain is hard-pack so the owners have had to import softer dirt for many areas. Series races are planned for Saturday mornings followed by open practice. Located just north of Tulsa International Airport at 56th Street North and Mingo Road. 
Visit or call (918) 951-7223

Last updated September 2000. For updated information on Oklahoma riding areas go to Rides > Offroad > OK

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